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Rashmi Bansal is a writer, entrepreneur and a motivational speaker. An author of 10 bestselling books on entrepreneurship which have sold more than 1.2 million copies ….

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Dear Readers,

Welcome to #StoryaDay for the next #30Days. A new model of publishing, where the author connects directly with the reader.

My stories will appear at 6 am IST, every day, till June 15, 2020. They are free to enjoy and to share. However, you will earn good karma if you make a small contribution. Do support the art of storytelling and keep coming back for more.


Story 24: Stand by me

The stench of hot tar jolted Leela’s lungs as she lay face down on the sidewalk. Hands tied behind her back. Stay still, said a ….

Story 23: Mistress of Spices

She was a delicate English rose, he was the hardy Indian moneyplant. Well, as they say, opposites attract so little wonder that Hitesh swooned the ….

Story 21: Path of Destiny

Pandit Umashankar Tripathi was a taskmaster. But he could find no fault with the boy’s recitation. Sanskrit shlokas were rolling off his tongue, like the ….

Story 20: Think Pink

When the pink slip came via email, Swati was actually relieved. Everyone knew the company that she worked for was screwed by Covid. I mean, ….

Story 18: A matter of pride

The minutes just before a race is about to begin are the longest, for an athlete. Everything he could possibly do, has been done. Now, ….

Story 17: Faking it

Wu Jiabao leaned back in his leather armchair and put up his feet on the mahogany desk. From the corner of his eye, he glanced ….

Story 16: Real Medicine

It was 3 pm when Dr Tanu finally finished with her last patient. She felt tired but satisfied with a good day’s work. For a ….

Story 15: Taking a chance

Tathagata Chatterjee led a routine and predictable life, and that’s the way he liked it. He had been a studious schoolboy, sincere college student and ….