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Rashmi Bansal is a writer, entrepreneur and a motivational speaker. An author of 10 bestselling books on entrepreneurship which have sold more than 1.2 million copies ….

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Dear Readers,

Welcome to #StoryaDay for the next #30Days. A new model of publishing, where the author connects directly with the reader.

My stories will appear at 6 am IST, every day, till June 15, 2020. They are free to enjoy and to share. However, you will earn good karma if you make a small contribution. Do support the art of storytelling and keep coming back for more.


Saturday Story 1: The News

She saw the Whatsapp message at 4 pm. By then it had already been an hour, since the news was flashed across all screens. Nandita ….

Story 29: Mission Impossible

The mountain air is crisp, the sky a brilliant blue. Michael Pendegrast is in awe, drinking it all in. The Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks ….

Story 28: Bachpan ke din

Sonali was dreading the 13th of June. It was her 50th birthday, the one that felt like a Really Big One. Over the past year, ….

Story 27: Tell me why

Naina was never allowed to watch ‘Masterchef’. Oh, how wonderful everything was, about that kitchen. And those 3 roly-poly judges. It was Naina’s dream to, ….

Story 26: Work is worship

Abdul Khan wiped the drop of sweat trickling down his brow. After the pleasant month of March, temperatures were beginning to rise in Delhi. But ….

Story 25: Rishtey naatey

Ankit glanced at the clock and wondered why time was moving so slowly. The Zoom meeting was going on forever. Everyone – except the speaker ….