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Rashmi Bansal is a writer, entrepreneur and a motivational speaker. An author of 10 bestselling books on entrepreneurship which have sold more than 1.2 million copies ….

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Arzna Goswami, workshop 3

I was always fond of writing.. but there was an excuse always ready to not do it.. your session opened up that mental gate barrier for me.. grateful to you..

Amit Trivedi, workshop 4

I am an old school person. I would have preferred a classroom session, but online was also great.

Pratibha Jain, workshop 5
Thank you, Rashmi. I loved every moment. It was a fabulous learning experience.
Maneesh Bhandari

Very interactive session, simple practical instructions, and the final story writing assignment helped me finally start by book writing journey.

Ananya Agarwal

The workshop motivated me to begin writing. It did not force one to adapt any fixed pattern and rather educated us about the process of writing short stories. It was a creative, engaging and fun experience.

T S Rengarajan
I couldn’t believe how much I learnt in a single day. Everyone who wants to be a story writer must attend!!!
Alok Srivastava

I had been thinking of writing short stories for years but could not complete. I wrote two short stories during the workshop! Rashmi shared detailed follow-up review of the submitted stories. This helped me immensely to understand the big missing pieces in my story writing! I also liked the audience which came from varied age groups and backgrounds!

Ila Imani
Rashmi is an instructor par excellence. It’s not just her writing and her skills. It’s her way of being. She genuinely wants each of the participants to experience the thrill of success, the power of motivation, the joy of the outcome. She cares for the participant, is extremely encouraging, and her insights to what you write are valuable. She doesn’t cut off the workshop abruptly just because ‘it’s time’ but gives of herself wholly to the participants, with just one objective – make a difference to their self concept as a ‘writer’ and to their skills to be able to get started. If you want to explore a new dimension of your self, by writing, and even if you don’t see yourself being a short story writer, its a workshop which I would recommend.
It’s a discovery process and a joyous one.