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Category: Workshop Stories

Coming of Age

Simba woke up to the warm rays of sunlight entering the cave and caressing his face.For a minute, he lay down lazily. wondering what to do, and then quickly realized that it was ‘The Day’.

A Memorable Meal

It was the winter of 1943. An especially cold one this time. Food was scarce and rations at the concentration camps were starting to dwindle.


Lalitha was visiting Kalakshetra for the first time. It was her childhood dream to learn Bharathanatyam here. It never happened. Reminiscing about it,

I am no different

Schooling in Chicago as a 14 year old wasn’t easy for me. I spoke like an American, and my name was Indian – Suparna, but I didn’t look like anything. Anything human.

Jai Hind

Little Rohan had always seen the tri-colour being worshipped at his home. His grandfather, father and his favourite Shaan…

Alia smiles

Rita had been waiting for three days, wondering why a candidate selected for a job would not join it. As it is, the jobs are hard to come by.