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Category: Stories

Story 7: Lambi Race ki Ghodi

Visiting the supermarket was one of the small pleasures in Mona’s life. Sure, she was a super-qualified, over-achieving professional. The kind who could buckle down ….

Story 6: Ode to Love

Act 1 There was a city VeronaStruck by the virus corona Famous for Rome and JulietThe families Montague and Capulet Had they lived happily ever ….

Story 5: Diamonds are Forever

Meghji Damjibhai Shah was a worried man. As Chairman of the Surat Diamond Merchant’s Association, he had faced many tough situations. In any industry, there ….

Story 4: Grapes of Rot

The air was fragrant with promise. Like a pregnant woman in her final days, the grapes on the vine were oh-so-plump. In a day or ….

Story 3: How I met your mother

Kids, I know you are bored with this lockdown. Well, you know what people did in the old days, when there was no TV, no internet, no Instagram or Snapchat? They told stories…