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Rashmi Bansal is a writer, entrepreneur and a motivational speaker. An author of 10 bestselling books on entrepreneurship which have sold more than 1.2 million copies ….

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Story 3: How I met your mother

Kids, I know you are bored with this lockdown. Well, you know what people did in the old days, when there was no TV, no internet, no Instagram or Snapchat? They told stories…

From non-fiction to fiction

Over the last 10 years, there is one question readers have asked of me over and over again: “When will you write fiction?” My standard ….

Why should I pay for stories?

Today, I bring your attention to the tribe called ‘Creators’. They make music, write books, shoot films, do stand-up comedy. These works stimulate you and ….

How to get story ideas

Since many budding writers ask this question, here is my take. Stories are everywhere, all around you, because every single human being has a story. ….