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An Epic Revisited (Diwali Writing Challenge)

An Epic Revisited (Diwali Writing Challenge)

According to Indian tradition, the Ramayana belongs to the genre known as  Itihasa, a narrative of past events which includes teachings on human values and goals of life. While Valmiki’s Ramayana is the most widely known, there are several regional variations.

This Diwali, participants from my Short Story Writing course took up the challenge of retelling the epic from a modern lens. Here are three very unique and compelling contributions.

Forced Exile by Mythili Seshu
Ram and Sita, in Covid times. (2 min read)

Let Sita Be by Shweta Mani
A surprising stand saves Sita’s honour (2 min read)

The Killing of Ravana by Devakee
A personal quest (3 minute audio)

Wishing all a very happy Deepawali and a imagination-rich new year.

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3 thoughts on “An Epic Revisited (Diwali Writing Challenge)

  1. The Killing of Ravana is about a personal journey of a candid assessment that I could connect with..our own struggles to deal with the inner demons is such a constant effort. Devakee’ s choice of words in making this serious reflection seem light and less judgmental is a nuanced skill. And that is a good way to usher in the festival of light. Kudos!

  2. What a treat it is to get to read an amazing larray of stories here! Read Forced Exile and Let Sita be ,to awaken your closed mindset to the life changing hack of seeing things through other perspectives. Shweta and Mythili..keep them coming ????

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