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6 word Halloween Story Challenge

6 word Halloween Story Challenge

What fun we had generating these 6-word stories! Here’s the spookiest, most ghoulish ones of the lot!

1. Trick or Treat ? Trick. Wrong Turn!
– Bhanupriya Bisht

2. Chewed his nails nervously… fingers followed
– Anoushka Bathla

3. “More Blood?”, Vampire, gracious host, poured.
– Shweta Mani

4. Tasty!!!! She said, licking the blood.
5. “It’s suffocating inside the coffin…”.
– Ananya Susarla

6. Deceased husband snuggled closer to me.
– Bhuvaneshwari 

7. First sky dive, parachute not working. 

9. For once, positive. Tested for COVID.
– Pattabhi Ram

10.  The face in the mirror was not mine. 
– Chandra Ramamurthy

11. Skeletons hidden in my closet, literally!
– Ramya Srinivasan.

12. I’ve got your back” she said, stabbing him!
– Priyanka Hora

13. “Bye”, texted Ma. At her funeral.
– Payal Chakravarty 

14.  अरे ओ सांभा, कितने बच्चे हैं?
– Tivesh Shah

15. Touched by cold hand when asleep
– Phani Prakash Aluru

16. Their eyes met. He choked
– Radha Kalantri

17. Can’t find the liver, screamed vampire
– Ashutosh Rawal

18. Tick-tock, continued the bloody clock; smiling
– Dhruv Gupta

19. Three course meal: human parts only.
– Payel Dutta Chaudhary

20. Fried ladies’ fingers with blood chutney.
– Bhargavi

And a few everyday horrors!

1. Phone battery 100%, no internet
2. 10 missed calls from dad
– Tanya Agarwal

3. 10 missed calls from wife!

4. Maid on leave tomorrow
Bhaskar Srivasthav

5. Maid called to extend leave!
– Radha Kalantri

6. Accidentally liked her post. From 2009.
– Mohini Mahadevia

7. For sale: Mangalsutra. Worn for a day. 
– Pattabhi Ram

8. “Guys, who goes next?,” rapist chuckled.
– Shweta Mani

9. “She was probably asking for it”.
– Aashita Miglani

10. He sneezed suddenly, without a mask.
– Aarya Patel

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