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Jai Hind

Jai Hind

Mohini Mahadevia, Workshop 4

Little Rohan had always seen the tri-colour being worshipped at his home. His grandfather, father and his favourite Shaan Chachu always wore their tri-colour badges with pride. He always wanted to grow up and follow their footsteps into the army.

This Children’s’ Day, he decided to dress up as the tri-colour and designed his look himself.

“Click a photo and send to Shaan Chachu,” he told his mother.

“Yes, beta,” she said, silently wiping a tear away, for Shaan Chachu was also sporting the tri-colour, this time, wrapped in one.

Mohini Mahadevia, one of the youngest financial planners in the country, based in Mumbai. She attended Short Story Writing Workshop 4

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10 thoughts on “Jai Hind

  1. Abhishek Upadhayay says:

    a beautiful tiny tale. loved it.

  2. Gaurav Karnik says:

    Heart touching 🙌

    1. Kalpesh Ashar says:

      To convey such a profound thought in this precise manner is a hallmark of a great writer in the making…keep it up

  3. Hemali Bavishi says:

    So well written! Very heartfelt!

  4. Ketan Shah says:

    crisp and well written

  5. Munmun Rudra says:

    Great story within little periphery

  6. Reminds me of my chemistry teacher’s comment, 50 years ago, when I was writing my chemistry exam paper.

    There is not an extra word in what he writes. Not one!

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