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Story 21: Path of Destiny

Story 21: Path of Destiny

Pandit Umashankar Tripathi was a taskmaster. But he could find no fault with the boy’s recitation. Sanskrit shlokas were rolling off his tongue, like the mighty Ganges flowing through Haridwar. Panditji was exhilarated. There were many students in the gurukul but none as bright, as sincere, or as intense as Mani.

“Finally, I have found the one who will carry forth my legacy,” he thought to himself.

Panditji was one of the few living repositories of ancient esoteric knowledge, handed down from guru to shishya, generation after generation. He traced back his own lineage to the Saptarishis, the 7 Mind Born sons of Brahma. It is believed that they possessed Divya Shakti – extraordinary powers – which were lost to the world, over the centuries.

This precious vidya was granted only to the deserving soul, whose purity was unblemished. For one whose Citta – or mental body – was contaminated with greed and lust would only abuse and misuse this knowledge. Instead of transmuting the energies and achieving a Higher Level of Consciousness. 

During the day, Panditji held discourses on Atman, Brahman and the philosophy of Advaita (non-duality) for all the shishyas. But late in the night, when all were asleep, Mani received Brahmvidya from his Guru. Like a USB drive downloading data from a PC, connected to the Mainframe. Simply sitting across from each other. No words were exchanged. 

When Mani was 11 years old, Panditji called him and said, “My son, I have made a difficult decision. You must leave the ashram.”

Mani was stunned. He could not understand where he had failed his Guru, what had gone wrong?  But he accepted the diktat without questioning. Panditji could not be wrong. 

Mani returned to his parents home, enrolled in a regular school, began leading a regular life. It wasn’t easy initially but he was extremely bright. And there was something about him which made the bullies stay away. The peculiar little boy found solace in the world of Science.  He became a permanent fixture in the school library, a role model often held up by teachers.

At Presidency College, where he enrolled for a BSc (Physics), Mani came to be known as Junior Einstein. Thanks to his wild hairstyle, and brilliance in the subject. No one was surprised when Mani secured a full scholarship for an MS at the Max Planck Institute in Germany. Followed by a PhD and a fellowship at CERN, in Geneva.

In 2012, CERN made an startling announcement: “Continuous experiments conducted with the Large Hadron Collider confirm the existence of the Higgs-Boson. An elementary particle produced by the excitation of the Higgs field”. Since no journalist could quite understand that, they simply called it the ‘God particle’. 

Mani, who was part of the team at CERN, had a sudden flashback. The Guru was speaking to him.

“Brahman is not a He or a She, it is a field, it is the basis of everything. And everything is just its own reflection. It is neither a thing, nor is it nothing.”

Quantum Physics, his life’s passion was just a reflection of his study of Vedanta. Like two sides of the same coin. 

He was indeed The Chosen One.


31 years later

At a glittering ceremony in the city of Stockhom, Dr Mani received the Nobel Prize for Physics for the year 2043. The citation read as follows:

“For transforming Physics by identifying, and quantifying, the basic building block of matter – CUs – or units of Consciousness. The interaction of CUs with thought waves creates our reality – and multiple realities – simultaneously, inter-dimensionally. Completing the elusive String Theory.”

The Mission that destiny had ordained was complete. Science and spirituality would never have to be at war, again.

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8 thoughts on “Story 21: Path of Destiny

  1. Stunningly Good.
    Ashram, Guru is very nicely brought out and so is the path of Mani to Nobel.

    One thing that I noted is the long time canvas in stories. Does it need to be like that?. For example in this we are looking at almost Mani’s whole life…

  2. Delightful everyone has calling one has to be aware and realize for calling… its deep discovery within and everything is within the frame work of body.

  3. Great story.
    Reminds me of a Carl Sagan quote – ‘science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge’.

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