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Story 6: Ode to Love

Story 6: Ode to Love

Act 1

There was a city Verona
Struck by the virus corona

Famous for Rome and Juliet
The families Montague and Capulet

Had they lived happily ever after
With grandchildren, music and laughter

Tourists would not visit the city
Throw coins into fountains so pretty

For lost love is the most romantic
Untainted by life and its antics

Now 400 years past in Verona
Suffering from virus corona

A boy stands on his balcony
Feeling all sad and melancholy

The country is under a lockdown
The city is now but a ghost town

People are holed up in houses
With kids and insufferable spouses.

And some, like him, are alone
Their only companion, the phone

Surviving on boiled rice and pasta
And that too until it will last-a

So imagine the surprise and joy
To see a beautiful young lady so coy

In a balcony across the street
Playing the violin so-sweet

Act 2

Struck by the arrow of Cupid
The one that makes people real stupid

I must know thy name bella donna
More important, your online persona

For I am not as agile as Romeo
Who climbed up to meet his lady-o

And why would I do that, madam
When she must be on Instagram 

A search bar supplied all the info
All I did was  sent out an intro

Then she replied back in a jiffy
We chatted and flirted till dizzy

The love-talk went on through the week
She taught him to cook, he sang her to sleep

Virtual kisses were exchanged on Skype
(some naughtier stuff, we will not write)

Two weeks after the concert on the balcony
Two hearts were thinking of matrimony

The boy decided to make a proposal
Such that there was no chance of refusal

A giant red heart and  bluetooth speaker
Conveyed his desire to keep her

In the presence of neighbours and friends
The balcony proposal happily ends 

They cheer and clap and throw confetti
The video goes viral in every country

Good news is rare in a pandemic
Love in a lockdown is epic

The lovers will kiss for an hour
Once CoVid has lost all its power

In the fair city of corona
Struck by the virus of Verona

Will love survive reality…
Routine and human frailty?

Stay tuned for the tale to unfold
Season 1 rights have been sold

Act 3

In the long run I suspect
Corona will lose its effect

That Cupid guy is more stealthy
Striking the young and the healthy

Making us all believe in magic
And then…. revealing the tragic

We all need a whole lot of space
But we need to survive as a race

So we end up staying with spouses
Yet stare into opposite houses

Wondering if they are any happier
Are their love lives sweeter and sappier

I want one Mr William Shakespeare
To discuss this over a beer

Please clarify for the good of humanity
Is love merely a form of insanity?

I’m quite sure my heart will not waver
When, dear Juliet you are a cadaver

How do we learn to love and to cherish
When we live on and refuse to perish

Stuck with the same guy for 50 years
The thought makes me burst into tears


Far from the fair city of Verona
During the time of virus corona

I look at my parents, and I realise
‘Love’ is right in front of my eyes

The kind which is quiet, consistent and real
Not in a movie, not a big deal 

To the couple a balcony apart
I wish you a lasting affair of the heart

May your marriage not feel like forced quarantine
May you age together like a bottle of wine

Wherever in the world you may be now
Long after defeating corona 

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7 thoughts on “Story 6: Ode to Love

  1. Enjoying this , One story a day, in fact have started waiting for it.

    Interesting take on love and romance ! Love doesn’t have to be glamarous and loud, it can be a quiet and caring!

  2. Amazing one ma’am, lifted up the spirits during this tough times

  3. Great story, put in simplest of words. Best part of short story was to keep it in 4 very short & interesting acts, one better than other. I LOVED THE FINAL; TOO GOOD. Started beautifully; and ended amazingly with strong and soul touching FINAL act.

    Keep it up Rashmi ????

  4. Love the use of casually dismissed real stories to bring out beautiful thoughts. Thank you.

  5. Really love your stories especially this poem.Beautifully written .Keep it up.

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